"Your smile says a lot about who you are. Caring for your smile is your job. Giving you the best products to do just that is mine."
- Dr. Raymond Frye DMD


  1. Shazzam Tsunami Hydroflosser Best Seller

    Shazzam Tsunami Hydroflosser

    The Shazzam Tsunami Hydroflosser was developed by celebrity dentist, Dr. Raymond, DMD, as a powerful weapon to combat plaque and gingivitis. It’s easy to use and an absolute must for anyone with braces, crowns or bridgework. The Shazzam Tsunami is a rechargeable electric Hydroflosser that uses pulses of water to gently and effectively remove the food particles and buildup that love to hide between teeth, braces, bridge work and crowns - where everyday flossing may not reach. The Tsunami compliments your current dental health regimen to help you maintain your superhero smile!


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  2. Hydroflosser Replacement Nozzles

    Hydroflosser Replacement Nozzles

    Tsunami Hyrdoflosser replacement Nozzles - replacement pack includes 2 nozzles

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