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    Treatment range:

    The Anti Snore Kit is indicated for the protection against bruxism or nighttime teeth grinding. It is intended to reduce damage to teeth and to prevent the noise associated with bruxing or teeth grinding.

    The Anti Snore Kit is similar to the mouthpiece recommended by many dentists for nighttime teeth grinding with one advantage: you fit it yourself .After fitting, The Anti Snore mouthpiece conforms to your teeth so it will be comfortable .And it will stay in place through the night .By cushioning and keeping the teeth apart, Anti Snore Kit reduces the chances for tooth damage; and it stops the annoying grinding sound so your sleep partner will not be disturbed.

     What is The Anti-Snore Device?

    The anti snore kit is a Mandibular Advancement Device designed to stop the noise of snoring .It is made from a soft thermoplastic material and intended for custom-fitting by the user in their own home. 

     Who should use The Anti-Snore Device?

    This device is designed for healthy adults who wish to reduce the volume and frequency of their snoring. It is not suitable for children, for people with a history of epilepsy, for people with tooth or gum problems, or for people with obstructive sleep apnoea(except under the supervision of a doctor or dentist, see below) 

    If you do not have a full and healthy set of teeth, you may still be able to use the device but you must consult a dentist or doctor before starting to use the device.

     How dose The Anti-Snore Device work?

    When you wear the device your tongue is held slightly forward, because it is connected to your jaw. This helps keep your upper airway open, by increasing the clearance between the back of your tongue and the back of your throat. Lack of clearance in that area is the source of most snoring noise

    - See more at: http://www.blingdentalproducts.com/products/anti-snore-kit/the-anti-snore-kit.html#sthash.3MfWyDCF.dpuf