"Your smile says a lot about who you are. Caring for your smile is your job. Giving you the best products to do just that is mine."
- Dr. Raymond Frye DMD

Dr. Raymond Frye, DMD

Celebrity Dentist

Call me Dr. Raymond!

Creating beautiful smiles for my patients is my passion! I am an artist by nature and dentistry has provided a unique avenue to express my artistry through the smiles of my patients and my Bling Dental Product customers.

I was born and raised in Las Vegas. Growing up in Vegas creates an unavoidable love of "Bling!” I left Las Vegas to attend the Oregon Health Sciences School of Dentistry where I graduated with honors. I fell in love with the lush green backdrop of Portland,Oregon and decided to make it home.

I love practicing dentistry and seeing how the life of a patient can be changed through cosmetic dentistry performed with the utmost attention to detail, aesthetic perspective and the comfort of the patient in mind. Caring for the health of my patient’s beautiful smiles inspired me to launch Bling Dental Products. Of course, the smiles I cherish most in this world belong to my precious children: Ciera, Christian, Paris & Holden. I love you!

 Dr. Raymond Frye is the founder of Bling Dental Products and Bling Dental Spa in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Raymond’s exquisite aesthetic approach to perfecting his patient’s smiles has brought him celebrity clientele who have nicknamed him "Dr. Bling.” However, as Dr. Raymond always says, "Not all of our patients are celebrities, we just make them smile like they are!"

Best At Home Teeth Whitening Products

Bling Dental Products™ is the creation of Dr. Raymond Frye, DMD. A leading cosmetic dentist known for his celebrity smile makeovers and cutting edge cosmetic techniques, Dr. Raymond (a.k.a. Dr. Bling!) makes caring for your smile fun with products that are sleek and stylish on your counter top, yet powerful and effective agents in the fight against gum disease, gingivitis and cavity prevention.

Caring for your smile is as important to your overall health as it is to your self esteem. A full smile says lot about who you are! Bling Dental Products is committed to helping you find your smile and keeping your smile healthy with our full line of at-home dental care solutions. From our Diamond Ultrasonic Toothbrush & UV Sanitizer and Jäger iOsonic™ electronic toothbrushes to our Shazzam Tsunami Hydroflosser™ - we provide everything you need to be confident that your smile is in good hands.

Our teeth whitening systems are the most effective formulas available but designed to combat sensitivity. Icing Teeth Whitening, our signature system, has been used before red carpet appearances and Grammy performances! Dr. Raymond invites you to explore the full Bling Dental Product line!